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Responsive Web App in Vue.js
I use Twitter as a kind of diary: it's a running log of the random thoughts that occupy my mind from day-to-day.
I use a period-delimited format to organize my tweets into tags. Twitolu takes advantage of this format and creates an interactive word cloud that creates links based on these tags. I can click on tags in the word cloud and see only the tweets that match those tags. I can also group tweets into lists of Favorites and share those Favorites via email.
Twitolu is valuable to me as a means of creating a diary of links I've visited recently, recalling important research items or inspirational links, and sharing cool stuff with people I know.
•   I started with a pre-made Bootstrap component library in InVision Studio.
•   I used the strokes and fills of each component to tweak them to pixel-perfection.
•   I added content, making sure that all the dimensions changed accordingly.
•   Then, I modified the original files to my new specs, keeping overrides to a minimum.
•   This was a great way for me to learn the software and reduce the creation of one-off UI elements.

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